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The Comedy of Errors | Roy-e-Sabs

حالا دست در

دست برویم نه

پشت به پشت

'Let's go hand in hand, not one before another.'

Roy-e-Sabs is a theatrical miracle. In 2005, the group performed Love’s Labour’s Lost in an ancient garden in war-ravaged Kabul, close to where the founder of the Mughal Empire lies buried. The controversial production saw men and women acting together, the women occasionally not wearing headscarves, and lovers holding hands – truly audacious things to rehearse and perform in modern Afghanistan. For the first time, they are leaving Kabul to come to the Globe with Corinne Jaber's new production of The Comedy of Errors.

Date & Time

Wednesday 30 May, 2.30pm
Thursday 31 May, 7.30pm